Some important features

    Delivery Chalan for Hall marking, Jobwork, Refining etc
    Payment Vocher for Old gold purchasing with cash limit alert, mapping with sales invoice, Job work payments with Tds collection with limit setting and Mapping with sales bill for old gold purchase
    cash sale limit alert
    Receipt Vocher for Advance from Customers and mapping them wirh sales bills
    Refund Vocher for Customer advance return
    Gold, Diamond, Silver and Platinum Billing
    Full documents are added as per GST Rules
    Cash payment alerts.
    cash,card,cheque,online options for payments.
    Advance from customers can be collected as items and cash.
    status indication (pending or completed ) for Delivery Challans.
    Studded jewelleries can be billed easly by selecting and pricing precious stones.
    Tds can be collected from jobworkers.
    Good Management Information System.
    New purposes for job work can be created.
    Bills can be given in different formats. With Discounted VA, Discounted amount. Without these etc.
    Bill can be settled with half page.
    Different rounding options in settings.
    Stock Journel for bargold conversions to different purity.
    Cut stock can be handled.
    Testing samples can be added to required stock after refining.
    Party stock ledgers.
    Userfriendly option to add returned jewelleries after hallmarking.
    Sales manwise details for purchase and sales.
    Gst reports.
    New cess is added in billing
    Different formats for Daybook and trial balance .
    Automatic preperation of P&L and Balace sheets.
    Multibanking options for transations.
    Billing for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Stones, platinum etc
    Returned stock items can be selected in sales return automatically